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How to make baby-led weaning as safe as possible, according to research!

Is baby-led weaning (BLW) safe?

As you would have seen in the last post, the research on BLW is still in its infancy.📊

But you might still want to incorporate a BLW approach, or do a bit of a mixed approach with some spoon-feeding as well.

Researchers have two unresolved concerns with BLW:
1️⃣ Safety (choking)
2️⃣ Adequate nutrient intake (iron)

Good news though!

Researchers have offered several practical strategies which parents and caregivers can implement that may overcome these concerns.(1)

1️⃣ Safety
➕Wait until your baby is developmentally ready to self-feed
➕Avoid foods that increase the risk of choking
➕Food should be cooked until soft & cut into age-appropriate pieces
➕Attend a child/baby CPR course
➕Never leave a child unattended with food
2️⃣ Nutrient intake
➕Focus on iron-rich food & introduce a variety of nutrient-dense food
➕Monitor baby’s growth and speak with your doctor about BLW
➕Avoid food w/ added salt, sugar, or processed food
➕Respond promptly to baby’s hunger and satiety cues

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*This post is for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional advice. Please consult with your health provider before deciding on how to feed your baby.

(1) D'Auria E et al. 2018. Ital J Pediatr

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