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What gifts do mums actually want for Mother's Day?

Since Mother’s Day is coming up, I thought I'd have a change of pace with this post, and have a bit of fun with some research.📊

🎁Gift giving or receiving is not my forte - I consistently score 0 for gift giving as a love language. Give me a sleep-in😴, or empty the dishwasher however, and I will be thankful forever. But every mum is different! So, let’s have a look at what gifts mums report wanting for Mother’s Day?!

A 2016 research study conducted by McCrindle Research📑 asked 323 mothers from around Australia what gift they would most desire for Mother’s day. They were given a list of categories to choose from.(1)

Overall, most mums (20%) wanted 'something for me'. For example, pampering, a massage, beauty products etc.🧖‍♀️

The least desired category (2%) was 'something I can use', which included products primarily used for cleaning, cooking, or maintenance.🧹🪣 I am shocked by this finding.😉

Interestingly, 19% of respondents answered 'other'. Which makes sense - mothers are not a homogenous group of people all wanting a bunch of flowers.🌷

I would love to know what gifts the mums who selected ‘other’ had in mind instead. My hunch is that the categories used were based on what is commonly associated with a Mother’s Day gift, but may not represent what mums actually want.👩‍🍼 A sleep-in or an empty dishwasher were not included as an option after all. 😂

This was a small descriptive study, and not likely to be published in a peer-reviewed journal 📚, so take the results with a grain of salt.

You may completely agree or disagree with the findings of this study. 🙌 I would love to hear what YOUR ultimate Mother’s Day gift would be! Comment below ❤

Also, if you have a loved one who has no idea what to get you, and something on this lists sparks an idea for you, feel free to share! That way you get actually a present YOU want this Mother's Day! 🎁

(1) McCrindle Research. 2016. Australian mums speak: Guidance on gifts this Mother’s Day. mccrindle.com.au/insights/blogarchive/australian-mums-speak-guidance-on-gifts-this-mothers-day/

Mums typicall want 'something for me'

The least desired present was something a mum can use

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