Discover how Silverette® Nursing Cups can support your breastfeeding journey

Why Silverette® Nursing Cups?

Silverette® Nursing Cups are made from 925 silver. Silver is proven to have antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antibacterial benefits to prevent and repair the nipple skin at all stages of the breastfeeding or pumping journey.

Easy to use. Silverette® Nursing Cups are designed to sit comfortably on the breasts. Worn in between feeds, the cups will naturally prevent, protect and alleviate soreness, blisters and irritation from the result of breastfeeding or pumping.

A perfect choice for mothers who want an effective and natural way to prevent soreness from breastfeeding or pumping and a perfect gift for mums to be who plan to.

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What do other breastfeeding mums think of Silverette® Nursing Cups?

  • 'I have tried everything for my cracked nipples. Laser, creams etc…they also work however silverette is by far the most efficient. I am So glad I found it and I can keep using when I need. Also a big thank you for their team for answering all of my questions. I would 100% recommend this product just because it made my breastfeeding journey easier.'

    - Marcella C

  • 'Lifesaver during the first month of breastfeeding. Tried a lot of creams, ointments etc but found the quickest to heal the sorry state of my nipples was the silverettes. The protection against my clothing while wearing them was really beneficial too and alleviated the soreness. Would definitely recommend for any mom early on in their breastfeeding journey. Although quite pricey compared to topical treatments, the investment is worth it!'

    - Sarah G

  • 'I purchased these during my pregnancy as I wanted to avoid using any creams or lotions to my nipples while breastfeeding. The cups were easy to use, and in the early days when my nipples were adjusting to breastfeeding, they healed very quickly thanks to the healing benefits of pure silver. I would 100% recommend these to all mums and mums to be!'

    - Kate T

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Benefits of Silverette® Nursing Cups

• Silverette® Nursing Cups have been shown through clinical trials to help resolve painful symptoms caused by nipple fissures

• Eco-friendly and cost-effective: use the Silverettes over and over again, and for multiple breastfeeding or pumping journeys

• Silverette®Nusing Cups have been tested to fit the anatomical shape of the areola and nipple area, with two sizes to pick from

• Silverettes are medical-grade nursing cups, crafted out of pure 925 sterling silver and are 100% nickel free. Safe for mum and bub!

Original Silverette® Nursing Cups to Soothe and Prevent Sore Nipples

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