The Haakaa Silicone Manual Breast Pump: A complete how-to guide



The Haakaa Silicone Manual Breast Pump has been a game changer for breastfeeding parents! The Haakaa consistently gets 5 star reviews and is rated as one of the best baby related product a new parent hoping to breastfeeding can buy.

However, this whole new world of breastfeeding, pumping and Haakaa comes with a lot of questions! Here is your guide to using the Haakaa!

How does the Haakaa work?

The Haakaa is designed to be used on one breast, while breastfeeding or pumping using an electric breast pump on the other breast. Using gentle suction, the breast pump stimulates the breast and draws out the let down. For added suction, pull back the flange and squeeze the bottom before placing on the breast.

Can the Haakaa be used when I am not breastfeeding or pumping on the other breast?

Yes! Although the Haakaa is designed to be used at the same time as breastfeeding or pumping, it can be used on it's own, as the gentle suction can stimulate a let down.

When can I start using the Haakaa?

You can start using the Haakaa whenever you feel comfortable. Some new parents use it to collect colostrum in late pregnancy, while other wait until their milk supply has regulated. It can be particuarly useful in relieving engorgement in the early days when the milk first comes in. A great way of collecting milk that may have been lost to a breast pad or your t-shirt.

What time of day should I use the Haakaa?

Any time that works for you is a good time. However, many parents report having better results when using the Haakaa during the first feeds of the day, when there is higher levels of prolactin and more milk in the breasts.

How can i build a breast milk stash with the Haakaa?

A milk stash is great if you would like to try using a bottle with your baby, as well as for times when you may not be available to feed your baby (doctors appointment, work, or when you'd like to get some sleep etc.). Because the Haakaa is used while you are feeding your baby anyway it become very easy to build up a milk stash. Just pop it on your breast during the feed, and save the collected milk for later. Some parents will do this during most feeds, or might do it for one or two each day. Whatever works for you and gives you the best results!

Can I combine the milk I have collected using the Haakaa throughout the same day?

If you have used the Haakaa you can combine milk that has been collected and kept at room temperature within 6-8 hours. If the milk has been cooled, then all the milk must be cooled at the same temperature before combining. We recommend the Australian Breastfeeding Association for more information on storing and feeding breast milk in bottles. The Haakaa can be sealed using the silicone breast pump flower stopper, that comes with the Haakaa as part of our packs.

How can the milk be stored?

A silicone milk storage bag is the best way to store your milk. You can also store it in the bottle you intend to use. Follow the guidelines in your country on how long breastmilk can stay in the fridge or freezer before feeding.