Collection: Alva Baby Modern Cloth Nappy

2 billion disposable nappies are dumped in Australian landfill each year. Disposable nappies can take 500 years to break down - the disposable nappies we may have worn as babies are still in landfill! Even though reusable cloth nappies need to be initially manufactured, and then washed after each use, they are still 40% more environmentally friendly than disposable nappies. Every single reusable nappy that is used instead of a disposable nappy makes a positive impact on our planet.
The benefits of reusable nappies for parents are not only environmental. The average baby from birth to toddler, will require an approximate 6,000 nappies. This equates to costs averaging $3500 to $5000 per child for nappies alone. Not only do reusable nappies save space in our garbage bins, they are good for our wallet too!
Plus, reusable nappies are sooo much more adorable than your typical nappy! We have an extensive range of Alva Baby reusable nappies for you to browse and purchase. Alva Baby nappies have been tested and are worn every day by our own baby, and we love them!