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Why are mothers burnt out?

Do you relate to the mothers in this study?🤷‍♀️

The researchers of this recent quantitative study investigated intensive mothering norms and burnout in 169 UK & USA full time working mothers. They also completed a thorough review of current literature in this space 📚

They found a significant 📈 relationship between feeling the pressure to be a perfect mother (intensive mothering norms) & parental burnout. Which was mediated by:

⚡parental stress
⚡a focus on avoiding mistakes as a mother
⚡higher maternal gatekeeping behaviours

The finding suggests that intensive mothering norms can have severe costs for mothers, their family, as well as her work outcomes 👩‍👧👩‍💻

Through the literature review the authors report on ways we can work to reduce the pressure mothers experience to be perfect on an individual or societal/structural level 🌿 Swipe through the post to see these.

This is a more detailed companion post to my reels this week, so feel free to head back and check them out as well! 😊

Ref: Meeussen & Van Laar. 2018. Front Psychol

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